Is Xultophy® 100/3.6 right for me?

Xultophy® 100/3.6 can be a positive next step in controlling your blood sugar and helping you reach your A1C goal.

See how this combination medicine may be right for you

Even if you’re eating right, staying active, and taking your diabetes medicine every day, you may still be struggling to reach your A1C goal. Xultophy® 100/3.6 may be able to help you. 

Xultophy® 100/3.6 is indicated to lower blood sugar along with diet and exercise in adults with type 2 diabetes. In several clinical studies, a single daily dose of Xultophy® 100/3.6 showed similar A1C results to 1 long-acting and up to 4 mealtime insulin injections.

If you have a high A1C level  

If your blood sugar remains uncontrolled before and after meals

If you can't always take your medicine with meals

What makes Xultophy® 100/3.6 different?

Xultophy® 100/3.6 is different because it combines 2 proven diabetes medicines—Tresiba® (insulin degludec) and Victoza® (liraglutide)—in 1 pen. If you are already taking an injectable diabetes medicine, switching to Xultophy® 100/3.6 allows you to add another medicine without adding another injection.

See how the combination of 2 medicines work together on a cellular level to help lower blood sugar for a full 24 hours.

Save on Xultophy® 100/3.6

With the Xultophy® 100/3.6 Savings Card, eligible patients pay as little as $1 per day. With your card, you’ll receive a free box of Novo Nordisk needles and a maximum monthly savings of $400 for up to 24 months. Eligibility and other restrictions apply.

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